You can better your community — and your life — by volunteering for causes you care about. It’s been proven that helping others is good not only for the recipients of your largesse, but for enhancing your own well-being, too.

Teach what you know…

Whether you’re a trained musician, a small business owner, or a great chef, you can give back by simply sharing your knowledge and talents.  And that call all be done simply and safely from your home! 

If you love animals

Love animals? There are many ways to safely help furry, feathered, and other creatures. From helping to count wildlife and identify invasive species as a citizen scientist to raising puppies who will become service dogs. 

You don’t have to bring a pet home to make a difference in its life. Many local animal shelters have volunteer opportunities where you can learn about the animals and help facilitate their care.

If you want to help combat homelessness

Everyone deserves a place to call home. From ensuring a loved one stays in their house to supporting the homeless with food drives and more, you can strengthen your community in tangible – often unexpected – ways.

For the love of art 

No matter your interest or experience, you can cultivate community through any number of cultural endeavors.

Try getting involved with an organization that helps make your neighborhood a better place visually. Art in public spaces helps way more people than we can imagine! 

If you want to help community’s elderly citizens

Physical distancing guidelines are meant to protect everyone, especially older adults, from COVID-19. But isolation can also do harm for seniors, who are already vulnerable to chronic loneliness, which can have devastating health effects.

While you’re not able to see or touch older friends or family members in person, you should still support them from afar. You can find creative ways to connect while still being physically apart, such as waving outside their windows or setting up a recurring Zoom event with the family. You can also arrange a few unprompted acts of kindness. For example, even if they say they have enough food, arrange for a delivery of groceries and include their favorite treat.

If you’re passionate about the LGBT community and want to be a voice 

Looking for ways to help support the LGBT community?

If you’re looking to get involved in the fight for LGBT equality and civil rights, or know someone who needs more information or support, find out more about your local center at The Center Link

Battle the Bullies. Help the Kids

As is often said, knowing is half the battle. But do you know how to tell if a child or teen is being harassed at school? Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control suggest than between 1 in 3, and 1 in 4 youth are affected by bullying. And more than 70% of young people say they have witnessed bullying, firsthand. How can you help make a difference in your community by helping to curb the bullying trend? One of the first things you can do to help combat bullying is to understand the laws in your area. You can also volunteer with schools to ensure anti-bullying is part of their plan.  



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