With school closures happening all across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, public schools are varying widely in what they offer. If you’re one of the tens of millions of parents who are now essentially homeschooling your kids, we have some tips to help you keep your kids engaged and everyone sane.

Know your kid.

Strong learners can do even better independently, but weaker learners may really struggle. Different kids will do best in different learning environments. If your child learns better in groups, try a Zoom study session with a fellow classmate.

A good time for passion projects. 

This is a good time for kids to pursue interests they haven’t had time to focus on in the past. It could be cooking, building in Minecraft, or drawing.

Set up designated space and time for learning.

Kids may need to move around during the day, but having one or two designated areas for learning. Have your kids pack up their materials into a basket so they can put them aside when they’re finished. Same goes for time. While it’s good to have a general daily routine, you can also be flexible. It’s OK to let your kids sleep in a little later than usual.

Be forgiving of yourself and your kid.

This is a very stressful time. If you need to put on a movie to get through the day, that’s absolutely fine.

Reporting by Anya Kamenetz. Illustrated by LA Johnson.


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