meNeighbour, the free, secure, and private social network for neighborhoods, is proud to announce it has won the 2021 CorporateVision – Best Community Connection Social Network award. CorporateVision, a brand of AI media, is a digital platform to support and guide better business practices across the global corporate world featuring companies that innovate, grow, and thrive despite challenges and uncertainty; shining a light on the gatekeepers of better business.

As a social platform striving to not allow third party mining, it is a safe platform for all people of age to communicate without the risk of having their information stolen. With the core objective to help foster a safe environment, “friendly and healthy neighbourhood is what I wanted to provide for all users to stay connected without having the risk of their data or privacy being stolen from them” says Sudhakar Atmakuru, CEO and founder of meNeighbour. Privacy is paramount on meNeighbour as it’s designed with user privacy and safety in mind, the social media pages are built to be totally ad-free so the users will not be exposed to unsolicited commercials and advertisements. JTTechnoSoft, the owner of the website, does not share and sell the user data to any other company. It’s also a secure network for posting community-specific public service updates, news, alerts and more. 

More than 50,000 neighborhoods across Canada are looking to connect, communicate, and discuss important local topics in their communities. During these uncertain times, meNeighbour is a great platform to connect safely with people in their neighbourhood until they are able to meet in person.
The hyperlocal geographically and free-to-use platform helps neighbours to connect and stay informed of local community news, business services, social meetups. The social network allows small businesses and local professionals to interact with potential customers and build influence through giveaways, promotions, job listings, and reviews.

In an era where data is a commodity, the ad-free platform is also guaranteeing that children won’t be exposed to any unsolicited ads. And the account hierarchy system ensures all required safety features, guidelines and policies are in place to protect underage users. It’s also a site where parents can monitor their children’s activity on the network with instant updates. Plus, parental permissions and controls let you safeguard your kids’ online activity, providing extra peace of mind. It is a safe, fun, and private alternative for younger children to other platforms.

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