We all should try to do greater things and be better. If you feel you aren’t a good neighbor, you can start changing today by following these tips:

#1 Spend In Your Neighborhood

Help your community generate revenue by going to your local places instead of going out of town. For example, hold a wedding in your town and avoid a destination wedding. However, make sure to keep volume low when celebrating an event and cause no disturbance to your neighbors. Buy at the local store instead of ordering online!

#2 Give the Feel of a Community

Work together for the betterment of your community by volunteering and taking part in community projects. Don’t miss community meetings and make sure to respect others and their opinions. 

Moreover, learn about your community traditions and make sure to encourage involvement and inclusion. 

#3 Promote Charity

Join hands with others in your community to donate to different causes, especially causes that support your neighborhood. You can volunteer to teach at your local school or donate clothes to the orphanage. Such small steps can make a lot of difference.

#4 Keep It Clean

Do your role in keeping your neighborhood clean. Use trash cans, avoid littering, and follow etiquette. Summer is coming, we want a clean city!

#5 Check on Your Neighbor

This one can be a little tricky because you have to check on your neighbor without being nosy. Merely greeting in the morning with a smile or exchanging gifts can be enough. If you want to be an even better neighbor and strengthen bonds then invite them over for dinner but make sure to avoid asking personal questions. 

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